jrfoster (jrfoster) wrote in d2trades,

gcs for trade

I have several gcs for trade, 5 sorc fires, 1 fire w/12fhr, 1 fire w/38 life, 1 fire w/32 life, 5 pally off,
2 weaker attack rating/lifers (90's attack rating 30-40 life), 1 necro summoning w/40 life, 1 druid elemental w/11 life, 2 zon passives 1 of which has 15 life, 1 nec pnb, and a few others that i'd have to check on to be sure of. My account is hjj2jrf and i play on east ladder sc. I'll be on and off but post a message here if you are interested. I am mainly looking for reasonable offers of either runes or items.
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